Customer Service

We are here to serve. In order to provide excellent customer service, we seek a core understanding of our customers’ needs—the factors that define value for them and inform us on how we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Communication is key. We provide clear and detailed updates so that you can be proactive in your decision making. Our large capacity allows us speed and flexibility in production and reduces lead times. In an industry focused heavily on price and quality, we believe it is important to focus on people as a vital additive to the partnership.

Research and Development

Our R&D department has vital experience in a broad range of products. With the use of extensive research and acumen of our talented team, consisting of experienced chemists and industry professionals, we manufacture advanced, high-quality products, and cater to a diverse range of applications. These include outstanding architectural, metal furniture, home appliances, hospital equipments, automotive, electrical cabinets, instrument casings, outdoor and fencing.