Personalized Colors

Color is wonderful. Colors triggers emotions and memories, connect us to nature, inspire us, and can even seem to slow down time. Colors represent different meanings to different cultures and different individuals. Get in touch with the colors that resonate for us and decorate ourselves and our environment with them to better our life. Color is an essential part of our everyday lives. It reflects our moods, cheers us up, gives us signals and quite simply brightens up our lives.

Color in coatings is equally important. Of course, you want to protect what you produce, but you also want to decorate it, make it unique, give it meaning, give it personality.

There are simply several of different pre-existing colors to choose from. Look at our RAL collections, our metallics, our special effects and the hundreds of different shades that have been handpicked by our color experts to make sure our color collections are up to date and offer all the latest trends, whatever you want to coat.

However, we also know that sometimes you need a very precise shade. You want to match your coating color exactly to the rest of your range; you want to give your product its own special look and feel. You’re looking for a made to order color.

You can work with our color experts and lab technicians to choose exactly the right color, personalize your shade and have your chosen hue made to order.

Speak to a representative to discuss your color matching requirements. They will explain how it works, help you assess exactly what you want to get out of the product, decide if any pre-existing shades might be suitable, and then work closely with you to choose the right color for you and your products.