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Color defines. Color inspires. Color is our business.

Color has a dramatic impact on our lives. It transforms our surroundings. Shapes our moods. And makes deep, lasting impressions. It's a profound business vehicle - a way for customers to express their individuality and competitive advantage.

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With a global network of 16 Application Support Centers, Capital Paints delivers one of the broadest color and coating portfolios in the aerospace market. We provide customers with unlimited color options, higher performing, longer lasting colors, color matching design services. rapid and responsive customer service and cutting edge technical support.

Automotive OEM Coatings

Capital Paints is engaged in every phase of a color’s lifespan. From working alongside major automotive OEM designers to collecting variant information in the field to providing comprehensive, up-to-date color-matching tools, it’s a global effort that delivers world-class results.

Commercial Construction

Our overarching goal is to help our customers identify and apply the right finishes for their projects. Capital Paints global network of color experts and designers forecast societal influences and future customer profiles to offer colors, textures and designs for all commercial market segments.

Residential Construction

Color inspiration can come from anywhere. As a trusted color partner, Capital Paints paints and coatings, online color tools and endless color resources, can help turn inspiration into truly beautiful living spaces.

Protective and Marine

A bridge that stand the test of time and ships that weather the storm. Our customers approach structures, projects and challenges the same way Capital Paints does: to survive whatever nature throws its way.

As a global leader in protective and marine coatings, Capital Paints can help protect structures in some of the world's most demanding conditions and environments. World-class expertise. Eye-catching appearance. And lasting color and gloss. Not to mention, your daily need for performance, durability and consistency.